11 Dec 2011 – Buenos Aires

There isn’t much to write about today, as it was a day to regroup, and prepare for our early morning departure to Ushuaia tomorrow.  This morning, I did realize that I forgot to pack a pair of dress shoes (except sandals).  So, we set out along Avienda Florida and stopped at several shoe stores.  Since it was Sunday, shopping was limited, as not all stores were open.  And, unfortunately, everything that I liked was pretty expensive (US $125+), so I gave up the search.

We went for lunch at a small café, and despite the overcast skies and threat of rain, we were able to sit outside. After lunch, we returned to the hotel, and have been further researching our trip.

As many of you know, I am very concerned about being sea sick when crossing the Drake Passage.  So, I have brought bio bands (acupressure band worn on the wrist), ginger root capsules, ginger candy, and Dramamine (non-drowsy formula).  I even found a website with weather conditions for the Passage – today’s conditions were about average, with surface winds of 25-30 knots, and seas of 4-6 feet.  I am praying for at least these types of conditions tomorrow night / Tuesday morning.

If you think we haven’t been our usual adventurous selves these first few days in Argentina, you would be spot on. We are trying to play it safe, and are not doing anything that could possibly jeopardize our enjoyment of the cruise. This includes our choice of eating venues – we have been quite boring in this regard, even if we have to say so ourselves!  In our defense, we don’t envision having the opportunity to repeat this trip in the future, so, unlike other far away destinations like New Zealand and Africa, which we know we will visit again (and again), this is a once in a lifetime journey (unless we hit the lottery, that is!).

Well, our 5:00 wake up call will come early – buenas noches to all!

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