Here We Go Again!

Welcome to the Webmaxie Adventure Blog.

This time around we thought we would give our travel Adventure site more of a “blog” look, this will allow us to make changes and updates easier and will allow guests to provide real-time feedback and comments.

Our first journey on our new blog will be the visiting of our 6th and 7th continents, namely South America and Antarctica! Along with completing a visit to all 7 continents this trip should also put us at approximately 50 visited countries.

Let’s Get Started

To get started you can select either from the top menu just below the title picture or select from the “The Pages” list on the right side, both have the same information. For example, clicking on “Antarctica”  in the right side pane will, once these days have occurred, expand to a list showing “Day 1″, “Day 2″ etc., clicking on “Wildlife” will display, once we have seen them, ”Penguins”, “Seals”, and “Whales”, then clicking “Penguins” will expand to show all the penguins we have seen.

Most of the pages on the site allow you to leave comments, to keep automatic spammers off the site you will need to register before posting a comment.  You can read everything without registering but need to register to post or we will end up with a bunch of nude penguins and seals all trying to sell us Viagra.

Register via the right side-bar.

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